About Us

About The Furniture & Gift Store at Tom's Farms


From Fruit Stand to Furniture, Tom had a vision and passion for both. In 1971 he opened a small fruit stand in Temescal Valley, which became popular with locals and travelers. As business grew, so did Tom’s desire to provide more for the people. Having a love of antiques, especially fine oak, he and his brother JR, travelled out East and brought back truck loads of antiques that they would auction at Tom’s Farms. In 1983, plans for a 24,000 square foot furniture store were underway. Tom wanted to provide high quality antiques and reproductions to the public, which led to the design theme of the building, “Tying in the old with the new”. The Tom’s Farms Furniture Store officially opened in 1994 and has kept Tom’s idea of providing quality at a great value.